RENODRY Technology

Protect buildings efficiently with RENODRY Technology

RENODRY provides an overall concept and a range of different products to completely solve rising ground moisture.

With the RENODRY Technology we offer you an overall concept, with a range of different products to solve completely and once and for all the problems with rising ground moisture in buildings of any type. We have well-trained experts to help you to grow with the RENODRY system in your country.


Masonry Diagnostics


The first step is always to inspect the situation in a building at hand and provide the owner with a detailed summary of the outcome. According to the findings a RENODRY expert will suggest a tailor-made solution for the problems.

Dry out walls


Our RENODRY wall drying units handle rising capillary moisture in old houses and ensure that this moisture never becomes a problem again. The use of RENODRY technoology is non-invasive and less expensive than other conventional methods.

Dehumidifying Plaster


With our special dehumidifying plaster aerodurit® it is possible in most cases to restore exterior earth-contacting walls with penetrating moisture. This eliminates the need for costly additional measures such as digging up the sides, sealing work, etc.

Wall colours for indoors and outdoors


We have various high-quality wall paints in our assortment. What all our colours have in common is that they are breathable. They are perfectly matched to our plasters, so that the open porosity of the plasters is not restricted, and the performance of the dehumidifying plasters does not decrease.

Nano Protection


Our nanoproducts protect the houses from driving rain and splash water. They are breathable and ensure that the walls can exhale. Moss-covered facades, permeable joints – all this is a thing of the past with our nanoproducts.

Mould remove


Mould is unfortunately a common problem in our time. Condensation moisture, incorrect ventilation, etc. can quickly lead to mould. Therefore, we have Keeper antimould – a product that makes the mould disappear.